The Land Rover 300Tdi

The 300Tdi

In response to the rough and noisy 200Tdi, Land Rover developed the 300 TDi, maintaining the same cylinder capacity and power output as the 200 but with a complete redesign for smoother operation, quieter performance, and cost-effectiveness. The 300 TDi saw a new block, repositioned ancillaries, a redesigned cylinder head, and a single serpentine drive belt. Notably, the Defender model required significant modifications to accommodate the new engine, including moving the gearbox and transfer box forward.

The 300 TDi was available in the UK market until 1998 and continued in export and military markets until 2006. Notably, the British Army's Defender 'Wolf', which used the 300 TDi, is expected to remain in service for an extended period. The TDi line didn't end there, with a Brazilian company, International Motors, acquiring rights to manufacture a 2.8-liter version of the 300 TDi, offering 135 bhp and substantial torque. This engine has been imported into the UK for retrofitting in older Defenders.