Our Story

Ross and Nate, thats us to the left. We're a couple of bearded chaps, with a love of vintage motors and a good English Kabab Shop.  Looking back over the course of our lives. Both of us have had a love affair with the Automobile.  With a deep appreciation for British and European made vehicles.  From BMW, to Volkswagen.  This Journey began in 2013, soon after Ross moved his family from South Dakota to Utah.  What started with an old Jaguar and Mercedes, both personal project cars; morphed into restoring vintage Range Rovers, Land Rover Discovery 2's and VW Beetles and Buses to name a few.  Traveling the state of Utah for sweet finds soon evolved into surrounding states which evolved into hunting abroad for rare vehicles.  


What's the difference between a Land Rover and a Range Rover

Land Rover and Range Rover are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different things. Land Rover is the brand...

Land Rover TD5

The Land Rover TD5 engine, introduced in 1998, marked a significant advancement in Land Rover's diesel technology. It was loosely...

The Land Rover 300Tdi

The 300Tdi In response to the rough and noisy 200Tdi, Land Rover developed the 300 TDi, maintaining the same cylinder...