What's the difference between a Land Rover and a Range Rover

Land Rover and Range Rover are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different things. Land Rover is the brand or the manufacturer, while Range Rover is a specific model under the Land Rover brand. In other words, all Range Rovers are Land Rovers, but not all Land Rovers are Range Rovers

The Land Rover brand was established in 1948 and is known for its robust, luxurious SUVs that are equally at home on city streets and rugged trails. The Range Rover model, introduced in 1970, represents the pinnacle of luxury within the Land Rover lineup

The main distinction between the models is that Range Rover SUVs typically prioritize refinement and luxury, while other SUVs under the Land Rover brand, such as the Discovery and Defender, tend to focus more on ruggedness and performance.