Caring for Your Classic Land Rover in Northern Utah

Caring for Your Classic Land Rover in Northern Utah


For owners of iconic Land Rover models like the Discovery, Defender, and Range Rover Classic, finding quality service can be a challenge here in Utah. But with the right maintenance, these British classics can handle the rugged landscape of the Beehive State.

The specialists at Import Motor Werx serving Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, have extensive expertise with Land Rovers old and new. Our technicians have the experience and passion to properly maintain your Discovery, Defender, or Range Rover Classic.  We source quality OEM and aftermarket parts to keep your classic Rover running strong.

Be sure to schedule preventive maintenance ahead of your next adventure whether in or outside of Utah.  Replace fluids, inspect chassis, fix leaks early - don't wait for problems to snowball. Upgrade weak points with improved modern components to increase reliability.

To avoid rusting out your Land Rover during the winter months, you should take several preventative measures:

  • Wash regularly to remove corrosive salt, dirt and grime
  • Apply rust-proofing treatments like Dinitrol or Waxoyl to the chassis and underbody
  • Remove any surface rust and treat areas with a rust converter before coating
  • Seal cavities and the underbody reliably to maintain value and safety
  • Consider professional rustproofing services specialized for Land Rovers
  • Inspect the chassis regularly for early signs of rust
  • Use anti-rust chemicals on areas showing early rust damage
  • Wax the vehicle before winter for added protection
  • Thoroughly clean the chassis before applying protective coatings
  • Reapply annual treatments as needed to maintain protection

Following these best practices for washing, treating, sealing and inspecting your Land Rover's chassis can help minimize corrosion damage from winter conditions. Using both DIY and professional services focused on Land Rovers provides comprehensive rust prevention during the harsh winter months.

Whether you're exploring Moab or somewhere along the Wasatch, give your classic Landy the care it needs with Import Motor Werx.  Land Rover specialists with the knowledge to diagnose issues thoroughly and make lasting repairs the first time.

Trust your classic Rover to dedicated Land Rover shops with proper training and resources. Because legendary vehicles deserve masterful care. Contact Import Motor Werx in Salt Lake City today to schedule service for your classic Land Rover.