The $700 LR3


A couple of months back we picked up a 2006 LR3 V6 for $700.  Yes thats right. Seven-Hundred US Dollars.  It was a gamble, but it had less than 120k miles on it.  We winched it on the trailer, brought it back to the shop and within an hour we had it running after throwing in a new serpentine belt and battery.  The air suspension had some gremlins, which we could have figured out, but opted for coil overs.  3000 miles later its still a rugged, comfortable and very capable 4x4.

If you're thinking of purchasing an older used LR3, stick with the 2006-2009 era with the Ford-Jaguar motors.  They make great 4x4s on and off road, and if you're patient and willing to troubleshoot the kinks you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of the Electronic Air Suspension.

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