The New Defender vs the Original

The Defender...


Looking at the New Defender, there are ever so slight homages paid to that Land Rover that is loved by many and became an icon around the globe.  As they say.. "Circles in Squares, circles in squares"  There is some truth in this.  But does it really pay true homage to the original Defender?  

Watching videos online of the New Defender attempting to make its way up rocky inclines are at best cringe worthy.  While on the other hand watching an LR3 make its way up Poison Spider near Moab, Utah is something to behold.  But the LR3 was never a replacement for the Defender, can it hold its own on trails?  It sure can, we have first hand experience.  But its not Defender.

With the New Ford Bronco on its way.... 🤔 Its looking more and more like Land Rover may have missed the boat.  Perhaps the New Defender should have been labeled Discovery 5?


Either way here is a decent article below breaking it down.


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